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I struggle and learn, I face obstacles and grow, I solve problems and emerge. T hen, I go on in search of more and start all over again.


* #52 Muddy Water

Mar 26, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #55; Happy Accidents & a Muted Watercolor Palette

face 52- Muddy Water -100 faces challenge Face #55; Happy Accidents Watercolor on 6″x9″ Watercolor paper Throwing all caution to the wind and going completely out of order now, lol. For 100 Faces, here is #52- Muddy Water. Now available on Etsy as a Print or Postcard. (another) Unfinished Watercolor…


#51 Sometimes I Crave Color

Mar 15, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Watercolor on 9"x12" Watercolor Paper

face 51- Watercolor Hair -100 faces challenge Watercolor on 9″x12″ Watercolor Paper Watercolor on 9″x12″ Watercolor paper Now available as a postcard in my Etsy Shop.  


Swan Song

Mar 11, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Pencil Drawing of Swan in Moleskin

Swan Song Pencil Sketch of Toy Swan in 5″x8″ Moleskin Sketchbook Graphite Drawing from 5″x8″ Moleskin Sketchbook “There’s nothing like drawing a thing to make you really see it.” Margaret Atwood *Swan Song is now available in my Etsy Shop as Prints and Postcards.


#50 Deer Girl WIP

Mar 10, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #50 Deer Girl WIP -Acrylic Painting on 11"x14" Watercolor Paper

face 50- Deer Girl -100 faces challenge   Still a long way to go, this is another painting I started during the in person workshop with Misty Mawn at Jenny Doh’s beautiful light filled studio.   We worked from a writing prompt and it opened up a whole new way…


* #49 Androgynous

Mar 9, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #49 Androgynous-Charcoal & Acrylics on 6"x8" Watercolor Paper

face 49- Androgynous -100 faces challenge Face #49 Androgynous-Charcoal & Acrylics on 6″x8″ Watercolor Paper My goal is to use any many different media, on as many different substrates, in as many different styles and sizes as I can while working toward my goal of 100 faces. This has been…


#48- Sweet Dreams

Mar 8, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #48; Sweet Dreams -Stabilo & Gesso on 3.5"x4" Watercolor Paper

face 48- Sweet Dreams -100 faces challenge Face #48; Sweet Dreams -Stabilo & Gesso on 3.5″x4″ Watercolor Paper Stabilo & Acrylics on 3.5″x4″ Watercolor Paper -Inspired by techniques learned through some of my favorite workshops with mixed media artists, Mindy Lacefield & Jeanne Marie Webb. Thank you both for everything you…


#47 Another WIP

Mar 7, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #47 WIP;  Acrylic Painting on 11"x14" Watercolor Paper- Under Painitng

face 47- Work in Progress -100 faces challenge After taking Jeanne Marie’s Soul Bearers class in person at Jenny Doh’s beautiful California studio, I was hooked and found myself craving community more than ever before. So, when I found out Jenny Doh, was hosting another one of my favorite artists and…


#45 & #46- Coming Home

Mar 6, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Faces #45 & 46; Coming Home -Stabilo & Gesso on 3.5"x4" Watercolor Paper

face 45/46- Coming Home -100 faces challenge Faces #45 & 46; Coming Home -Stabilo & Gesso on 3.5″x4″ Watercolor Paper As a Doll & Miniatures Artist, I avoided painting 2d art in tiny sizes because it felt so freeing to finally work in a larger scale. Then, I found myself so…


#44- Nobody

Mar 5, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #44; Nobody -Air Dry Clay Profile

face 44- Nobody -100 faces challenge …waiting for a body. I’ll keep you posted, lol.


#43 Torn WIP

Mar 4, 2018 50| 0 Comments
Face #43; Torn WIP -Acrylic Painting on 16"x20" Canvas-Highlights

face 43- Torn -100 faces challenge Having taught myself everything I know about being a doll and miniatures artist over the past 14 years, I approached this new way of creating artwork with the same idea that I should figure everything out on my own and anything else would be cheating.…



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