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-Petite Wanderlings-

One of a Kind Custom Blythe Art Dolls

Blythe took over my life the moment I met her in 2004. With this doe eyed doll as my muse, I've learned so many things I never thought possible; from carving, painting and re-rooting to fashion design, sewing, photography and so much more.  Through her, I've found an incredible community of like-minded souls and have made lifelong friends.

I have a very deep passion for these dolls and create each custom doll with the hope to bring people happiness, a loving muse, companion and lifelong friend.  As well as, the great joy they bring me in my own creative expression, soul searching and bonds of sisterhood formed through them, all around the world.  

The Wanderlings pictured in the following galleries live in private collections worldwide.  I’ve been taking a break since 2016 to pursue exciting, new ideas and plan to come back to Blythe very soon.

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OOAK Custom Vintage Kenner Blythe Dolls- 2013-2016

The Original Kenner Blythe Dolls

The original Kenner Blythe dolls were created by Artist Allison Katzman and the Kenner Toy Company in 1972.  These dolls were only produced for one year because many children of the time found them frightening.  Perhaps it was their big, soulful, color changing eyes that made them feel all too alive, or the way their eyes open, close and change from side to side at the pull of a string. Maybe it was their childlike proportions with heads so much larger than other dolls of their same size that created a personality that seemed larger than life.  Whatever the reason, as with many wonderful creations, Blythe was clearly ahead of her time, and is now dearly loved by many collectors today.


After Years of Restoring Original Kenners

After years of restoring original Kenner dolls and exchanging pieces to put the best parts together, in 2013 I ended up with enough random pieces for a whole head, but no body or hair. So, I decided try something different and painted her the way I would truly love her to be. Then, I gave her a mohair reroot and a blushed Pure Neemo pose-able body.  Mavis was born. Afterwards, I stood back and was astounded with the way her old Kenner charm combined with her new make up to create an even deeper soul.  This pivotal moment opened up a whole new way of working with these dolls for me...

When Customizing Kenners

When customizing Kenners, I am only a purist when it comes to their original face plates and eye chips. Besides being in limited supply, I find their magic to exist in their mold (face plate) and in the depth of their eye chips. Therefore, I never carve any of my custom Kenners.  Once their face shape is permanently altered, the magic is lost and they would merely become lost in the sea of other carved custom Blythe dolls that already exist.

I Paint My Custom Kenners With Realistic Shading

Instead, I paint my custom Kenners with realistic shading techniques I’ve taught myself over the years in order to give them the appearance of mild carving.  For their eye chips and lashes, I always do my very best to restore the originals and only resort to custom chips and lashes if the originals are missing. I also save scalps, bodies and hair whenever possible; if not for the doll I’m working on, then to trade with other Kenners.


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Custom Takara Blythe Dolls 2011- 2016

Blythe Dolls Rediscovered

Blythe remained in hiding until around the turn of the 21st century when photographer and doll collector, Gina Garan, rediscovered her. Through hard work and a series of fortunate events, Gina published a successful book with photographs of her traveling Blythe dolls.  Soon after, Blythe was picked up by the Takara Company in Japan and reproduction began. In June 2011, the first modern Blythe doll, Parco, was born.  Now, here we are all these years later and Blythe continues to grow more popular each day and with each new mold the Takara Company creates. 

I met Blythe in 2004 through Gina’s book and was instantly swept away.  I was never a doll person before Blythe, but saw something so special in her there was no denying it. At the time, I was painting and drawing, creating jewelry and journals when I became intrigued by customizing through the underground Bythe community and never looked back...

I Began Customizing

Customizing has grown and changed so much over the years.  I started simply; re-rooting with mohair, changing out eye chips, and applying makeup with pastels, which grew into airbrushing and then a combination of the two. Actually, I found the process of re-rooting to be so difficult that after customizing the first two dolls, one for myself and one for a friend, I decided I would never customize another doll again. Alas, it seemed the fates had a different plan for me. One of the few customizers of those early days was leaving and sent all of her clients to me! So, without much time to really think about it, I took a deep breath and set off -running- down the path laid in front of me.

I remember when carving was a huge controversy, but, I was immediately drawn to the idea and soon started carving my own customs as well. I love the freedom it gives from the original lip and nose shape, or for many other artists, even eye holes. These days, I no longer worry about what “The Rules” may be. I love experimenting and trying new things. I create dolls from my heart, and hope others will love them as well.


All of My Dolls Are Completely Customized By Me and Typically Include:

-RBL or EBL- My Favorite Face Plates
-Mohair Reroot & Styling
-Blushed Pure Neemo Pose-able Body
-Makeup applied with Artist Quality Paints & Pastels
-Hand Painted Custom Eye Chips- when painted
-Eyes Boggled and Gaze Lifted
-Custom Lashes
-Custom made Petite Wanderling Pull Rings


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Custom Takara Blythe Dolls from 2004-2010

This is a Collection of My Beginning Custom Dolls

This is a collection of my beginning custom dolls, before I started carving or hand painting chips. Many are EBL, SBL or RBL dolls that were commissioned with preferences and/or idea starters from their new owners. It has been my great pleasure to work with each and every person to help bring their vision to life.


These galleries contain just a portion of the dolls I’ve customized over the years. If you would like to see more, please visit my flickr albums, until I am able to completely update all the galleries here.


**Currently sold out.  Please sign up for the mailing list below to stay in the know.

Thank you so much for all of your generous love and support over the years.  It means more to me than I can express. 
I will be back with new dolls, clothes, miniature bears and new sweet goodies to share with you very soon.
xoxo Lisa

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