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A Secret to Share

There are those who do not understand the love that exists for a Blythe Doll.  So for those who do not know, I will share the secret with you
she is more than a collectable doll with a sweet (or strange or creepy; depending on your view) face... 

She is a Muse… for Everyone.                 
She has been inspiring Artists, Storytellers, Travelers, Fashion Designers, Carpenters, Art Plush Makers and Photographers, just to name a few, for years.

She is more than a mere doll. 
She is an icebreaker and a friend maker. She is the catalyst for bringing people together to help others, creating strong communities and for making lifelong friends.

Copyright & Contact

All images are copyrighted.  If you would like to use my images for any reason, please feel free to contact me to discuss your plans and options. 

I love working with people.  If you would like to work on a collaboration of any kind, please feel free to get in touch

Out in the World:

-Interviews and Features:
-Hi Fructose
-Kaltblut Magazine
-Tiny Feet Magazine
-Mademoiselle Blythe
-Dolly Customs
-Auguste Clown Gallery's 'Once Upon a Blythe Exhibit'
-Juried Vendor shows:
-NYC BlytheCon 2013

-Donator & Sponsor for Blythecons around the world

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