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-Little Lost Things-

Handmade Companions for the Wanderlings

Although I never really played with dolls as a child, I always loved stuffed animals. Therefore, it made perfect sense that my custom Blythe dolls needed tiny plush companions of their very own. 

I started creating little bears and bunnies of wool felt with jointed limbs around 2006. Soon, I progressed to making my own patterns and switched from working in felt to creating in velvet and mohair. I then started adding weight to the stuffing, so they would feel more substantial in your hand and to help them sit with ease. Finally, I added the neck joint, giving them even more ways to pose and express themselves.

My favorite part of the process besides naming them, is to dye, paint and age each bear by hand while watching as their new personalities come to life.

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Little Lost Things

There are 4 different styles of miniature plush available for your Blythe and 1/6 scale dolls:

-Little Lost Things:

Between 3-4 inches high, Little Lost Things are made entirely by hand in soft cuddly mohair with linen, wool felt, silk and/or burlap details. They are fully jointed & weighted to sit on their own and their teeny heads can turn and tilt, giving them endless ways to express themselves. Finally, each one is aged to give the feeling of a long loved bear.

Lost and waiting to be found, longing to love and be loved once again.

Little Lost Things Mini Mohair Collectable Plush Toys Donated to BlytheCon Europe for Blythe and 1/6 Scale Dolls by Petite Wanderlings
Handmade Mini Plush Mohair Artist von Pinktea Brown Velvet Bear for Blythe and 1/6 size Dolls by Petite Wanderlings

-von Pinkteas:

Handmade, miniature mohair or velvet bears, bunnies and elephants.  Fully jointed, weighted and pose-able little loves who are 2.5 inches tall or less.

The von Pinkteas are 'of pink tea' - born from a pink tea party and their names generally consist of an old fashion-southern style first name, with a bakery item or type of tea for their second name.  It just seems like such little bears should have extra long names. 

-Flying Mimzees:

Tiny vintage style carnival bunnies, inspired by carnival toys of the past and the incredibly talented plush artist, Michelle. With her kind permission, I created my Mimzees in the shape of her first carnival bunny, Zee, who I fell madly in love with upon first sight. 

Each Mimzee is lovingly created with mohair, velvet, cotton, lace and/or silk and aged by hand and stands about 3 inches tall. 

Flying Mimzees Handmade Carnival Plush Bunny Toy for 1/6 Scale Dolls by Petite Wanderlings
Handmade Mini Artist Plush Bunny for Blythe and Dolls

-In a Whisper:

Here is where it all started.  These little dears were the very first mini bears and bunnies I made and learned so much from.  

Each mini amour is hand sewn from wool felt with cotton, silk, linen and/or lace accents with vintage plastic eyes. 

They have jointed limbs and are shaded and aged for added charm.  

*These galleries contain just a portion of the Little Lost Things I've created over the years. If you would like to see more, please visit my flickr albums, until I am able to completely update all the galleries here.

**Currently sold out.  Please sign up for the mailing list below to stay in the know. 

Thank you so much for all of your generous love and support over the years.  It means more to me than I can express. 
I will be back with new dolls, clothes, miniature toys and sweet goodies to share with you very soon.
xoxo Lisa

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