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* #52 Muddy Water

Face #55; Happy Accidents

Watercolor on 6"x9" Watercolor paper

Throwing all caution to the wind and going completely out of order now, lol.

For 100 Faces, here is #52- Muddy Water.
Now available on Etsy as a Print or Postcard.

(another) Unfinished Watercolor portrait on 6"x9" Watercolor paper..

I have a tendency toward a more muted palette. So when I dipped my brush into the dirty water (leftover from my wild watercolor experiments that I can't wait to share) to move my Stabilo pencil sketch around, I discovered these muted watercolor tones and have fallen head over heels! Now to make more muddy water to dip into!

I have so many unfinished paintings and experiments around here and somehow I end up liking them that way, lol. 😛

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