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The most wonderful weekend!

Creatively Made Business Workshop with Jeanne Oliver

A wonderful weekend spent at Jeanne Griffin Oliver 's Powerful 'Creatively Made Business' Retreat- learning more than I ever imagined while meeting this incredible group of women I could only dream of knowing.

Life will never be the same. 


I had to call this a 'Retreat' because it was so much more than a workshop! It is a genuine one of a kind experience.

The way Jeanne and her family care for others- your every comfort is thought of and no detail is too small. From the gorgeous food and delightful drinks to the warm & cozy, inspirational space to learn in, the beautiful piles of books & journals to keep, right down to the linen napkins and tiny wooden spoons (I could go on and on!).

They give endlessly and are so genuinely kind. I can only imagine the endless hours of planning and preparation that go into providing such an experience! ...and then on top of all that, Jeanne has a way of teaching a subject like Business- which can be extra dry for creatives- interesting, funny and exciting.

You walk away feeling completely recharged- full of knowledge, bursting with inspiration and above all- so very loved.

Thank you Jeanne and your beautiful family for Everything you share! 

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