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#43 Torn WIP

Having taught myself everything I know about being a doll and miniatures artist over the past 14 years, I approached this new way of creating artwork with the same idea that I should figure everything out on my own and anything else would be cheating. How could I develop my own style and voice if I am learning from or copying another person?

But, I've come to realize that nothing could be farther from the truth… If anything, I feel like my own style is developing faster, while my independent exploration is more productive from taking so many different art workshops online and in person. And it sure is a lot of fun!

After taking workshops from other artists in Jenny Doh’s studio and seeing all of Jenny's wonderful artwork gracing that beautiful space, I was beyond thrilled to find out she was actually coming to Colorado to teach a painting workshop at ArtMakers Denver.

With my vintage artist box stuffed full of paint and brushes, I grabbed my daughter and we headed off to paint the days away in our new city. It was just the most wonderful time. From digging deep into the painting process and meeting talented new friends to the food trucks and atmosphere.

The air in Jenny's classes positively buzzed with life while every person who passed by jealously whispered that they hoped to get into her class 


next year. I was definitely one of the lucky ones and you can be sure I will be there again in 2018!!

I admire Jenny not only for her incredible style, but for her inspiring strength and compassion. She gave her undivided attention while spending quality time with each and every student. Jenny gave me such powerful, thought provoking feedback along with encouragement and constructive criticism I could use to genuinely grow.

By the end, I felt like I had been turned inside out (in the best way), raw with emotions and ideas, flooded with inspiration. I learned more about painting in those two days than I ever thought possible.  My goal is to get out to California soon to have a one on one art session with her!

Oh, my canvas was ripped when I dropped my Ipad on it, just after adding my shadow layer. But, that's ok, Jenny and I came up with a great idea to take it to the next level, which I will share with you very soon. ♥

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