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#41 & 42 Mama & Baby Bear Sculpture

This little unpainted sculpture is just the first of many I’m working on at the moment
and was a huge turning point for me in so many ways.

Face #41 & 42; Mama & Baby Bear WIP 7" Tall -Air Dry Clay

I had been craving to sculpt and create with clay for years, but always found myself holding back. When I stumbled upon Jeanne Marie Webb’s Soul Bearer sculptures & online workshop, (originally) through Ivy Newport, I was immediately smitten. So, I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.

Jeanne Marie is an extraordinary artist and teacher from South Africa with the most gentle presence. I learned a great deal from her online classes and was simply mesmerized by her artwork. After reading her blog, I was quite taken aback by her story; which seemed hauntingly similar to my own.

So, when I found out she would be teaching in person at Jenny Doh’s Art Studio in California, I knew I had to

meet this kindred spirit. (Sadly, I missed her painting workshop at Kara Bullock’s California Art Studio!).

It had been a very long time since I had been to or taught an in person workshop and I was so nervous, but I forced myself to go and it was the best decision I ever made.

Jeanne Marie
is just as warm and generous in person as she is in her online classes (even more so). And the whole experience was like meeting up with an old friend. I also met the greatest crew of talented artists that weekend and had the best time painting the hours away with all of them.

I came home from my adventure bursting with inspiration, good feelings and a renewed passion for pursuing my creative dreams.  I am eternally grateful to have met Jeanne Marie and hope she will be coming back someday soon!

Who is your favorite artist/teacher you’ve taken classes with in person?  
Do you get nervous before taking art classes in person?

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