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#47 Another WIP

After taking Jeanne Marie’s Soul Bearers class in person at Jenny Doh's beautiful California studio, I was hooked and found myself craving community more than ever before. So, when I found out Jenny Doh, was hosting another one of my favorite artists and online teachers, Misty Mawn, I was all in!

As much as I have learned from Misty’s online courses it amazed me how much more I would learn in person. Misty is a wealth of ideas and inspiration and shares everything she knows so generously with her students…

I wanted to love painting, but was having a hard time building layers because the paper would often crumble under my brush-- even when I used good watercolor paper. I described my frustration to Misty and within moments she solved my problem!

She generously gave me a piece of her own watercolor paper and told me to always use 100% cotton paper to prevent such problems.  

Something so simple… yet, I don’t know if I ever would have put it together on my own.

I certainly hadn’t so far and I had tried everything from less pressure, less water, different paint, softer brushes... I had been struggling for so long and this simple answer has brought so much happiness back into painting for me.

I still have so much to learn and it’s wonderful to be able to focus that energy on practicing techniques and developing ideas, instead of constant worry and frustration over crumbling paper.

As a self taught artist, the greatest lesson I learned that day reinforced the idea that -just maybe- I don’t have to figure it all out on my own. That it is ok to ask for help and I do not need to constantly reinvent the wheel to reach my goals.

Perhaps, I may even reach my goals faster and grow stronger and be more productive than I ever imagined with the ultimate outcome to be able to offer something truly valuable to others.

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