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* #40- A Little Misfit

Face #40- Little Misfit- Postcard on Etsy

Stabilo & Acrylic on 3.5"x4" Watercolor paper

I’m so sorry to have been so absent lately.   After opening my Etsy shop, I decided I needed to redo my little home here on the web- even though I just finished it about a month ago, lol.


Between Etsy, Photoshop and my Website, I’ve been spending so much time on-screen, I’ve been fighting bouts of screen sickness and problems with my hands.


So, after taking a little time away from the screen, I decided to make myself slow down enough to learn to use a Wacom Tablet and Pen- and it has already helped a great deal with my hands. But, I am much slower as I’m trying to build all new muscle memory. I'm trying very hard to be patient, lol.


A few more tweakings and updates and I can finally get back into my studio!

*Face #40, my "little Misfit",  is now available in my Etsy Shop as a Print or Postcard.

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