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Scrappy Girls

Scrappy Girl Sketches
Drawings & Sketches on Various Scrap Papers

I draw mostly on scrap paper. I love the idea- the romantic notion of keeping a sketchbook, (I even love to make books!) and am always smitten with the sketchbooks of other artists, but it always feels so confining to me.


Maybe because I’m a lefty? Maybe because of the way the graphite or medium I use rubs off on the others pages. Maybe because I don’t like to draw on the backs or adjacent pages. Maybe, I just have issues that no therapist can heal? Lol.


Even when I do manage to use a sketchbook, I end up taking the pages out as I finish each drawing -otherwise I can’t remember which sketchbook I used when I try to find that sketch again.  


Because, if I have 10 sketchbooks- then I draw in all 10 at the same time. Lol. To make matters worse- I draw completely out of order, usually starting somewhere in the middle of the book and then proceed with no rhyme or reason.


After I remove my drawings/sketches, I keep them in sheet protectors, arranged in binders in an order I like. That way I can have them all in front of me when I need to and can change the order or groupings as I please.


When the sketchbooks become empty, I recycle the covers to use as substrates or to create new books- to take apart and so the cycle continues… lol.

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