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#36 Tenderness

I learned the technique of moving Stabilo water soluble pencil with Acrylic Gesso through the incredibly talented Mindy Lacefield and it remains one of my favorite ways to loosen up and play.

Face #36; Tenderness -Stabilo & Gesso on 3.5"x4" Watercolor Paper

Mindy is another one of my first online teachers and her classes taught me how to begin to loosen up. Her primitive art is so endearing, raw and carefree, it transports me to a better world.

The experience of watching another artist create is my gateway drug to creating. And Mindy's lessons are always the first I come back to whenever I'm stressed or find myself spinning.

With her ultra charming southern accent alongside her compassionate teaching style,  I find it incredibly soothing and motivating to watch her work.

*Face #36, "Tenderness,
  is now available in my Etsy Shop as a Print or Postcard.

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