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#38 Haunted

Combining charcoal with oilbar is intensely satisfying, especially when you are as allergic to 

Face #38; Haunted -Charcoal & Oil Bar on 9"x12" Watercolor Paper

the charcoal dust as I am. Although I put my own spin on it, I learned this fantastic combination through online courses taught by GillianLeeSmith.

Gillian is an outrageously talented artist and immensely inspiring teacher from England. She is a master at helping each student find their own voice, while teaching techniques from beginner to advanced.

She brings tradition and mixed media together in an exciting way that always makes me feel even more enthusiastic to get to my easel.

Although I have no real comparison, while taking her courses, I feel like I am as close to being in a real art school as possible, which is like a dream come true.

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